Why is CATS the best choice for your third party inspections?

Our CATS inspectors are continually trained in all the changes and updates in all of our industry’s safety standards by our founder.

Jay Sturm founder technical advisor best choice third party inspection
Our founder and technical advisor, Jay Sturm
  • OSHA recognized for twenty years
  • Author of the crane safety section of the IBEW 10 Northeast States Safety Manual
  • Committee member of the ASME crane safety committee for 16 years
  • Committee member of the ANSI Z133 Safety committee
  • Current member of the crane task group for the ANSI z133 committee
  • Past committee chairman of the crane task group for ANSI Z133 committee
  • National Precast Concrete Association committee member
  • Past committee member of the Massachusetts licensing board
  • Ad hoc consultant to neighboring states’ safety departments
  • NCCCO certified crane inspector
  • IBCI Certified crane inspector
  • NCCER Certified crane operator
  • CCAA certified crane inspector
  • 4 decades experience in the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic workings of heavy equipment
  • Testified in over 100 accident trials

CATS is a contributing member of:

No other third party inspection company in the Northeast has the credentials we do.

How important is your safety and liability to you?

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