Frequently Asked Questions

I have an Articulating Boom Truck (wallboard truck). Does that need to be inspected by a licensed inspector?

Yes. Any form of articulating crane that can lift the weight that a typical wallboard truck can requires an annual inspection by a qualified inspector.

I have a forestry unit. The dealer says that there are no licensed inspectors that test them. Do I need to get it inspected at all?

Absolutely. Your bucket truck must meet ANSI A92.2 standards for an annual inspection. The inspection must be done by a “qualified person”. That person doesn’t necessarily need to be licensed. The “qualified person” condition, which is outlined by ANSI, concerns many bucket truck owners. We don’t know what a lawyer would do with the qualifications of a qualified person when there doesn’t seem to be an accepted format (license) for one. Many businesses use licensed crane inspectors for their annual inspections for two reasons:
1. They have a credible license.
2. They offer the benefits of a third party validation.

I am a small business with one 6 ton crane. I don’t do large commercial work and I don’t use the crane every day. Is there any exemption for me?

The standards that were written for cranes by ANSI, ASME and OSHA are very plain about inspections. There are no exceptions. As a business person, we are sure that your concerns for the safety of yourself and your employees are paramount in any aspect of your work. The crane is historically one of the tools that can be forgotten, safety-wise. It will do its job well – right up until the time it’s ready to cause an accident. In our experience most crane accidents were unexpected.

I just bought an insulated bucket truck and there are holes drilled into the bottom of the bucket. The salesman told me that it was OK. Is it?

No. You can’t have any holes in the bucket. It is an insulator… until it has holes in it.

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