Stationary / Overhead Crane Inspection Services

two men with hardhats at stationary crane indoors at industrial workspace
cables of stationary gantry crane - closeup
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Overhead Crane Inspections

Probably one of the most overlooked cranes is the overhead crane. They perform too many jobs to even attempt to list. Being an active member of the ASME B30.16 code writing sub-committee we possess a superlative level of knowledge of these cranes.

Gantry Crane Inspections

These cranes are typically custom installations and they are usually an integral part of the user’s everyday job. The inspection of these cranes is mandated annually at a minimum. The bridges of these cranes typically travel over workers’ heads. Manufacturers include: Kone, Harrington, Shaw Box, Demag, Budgit, Northern, Shepard-Niles and Yale

Pedestal Mounted Crane Inspections

These cranes mount on a variety of surfaces from boats to radar towers.

Manufacturers include Appleton Marine, Baker Marine, North American Crane and Paceco.

Chain Falls Inspections

The manual operated chain fall hoist is required to be inspected annually.

These hoists come in capacities that range from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds.

Manufacturers include CM, Jet, Ross, Wright, and Harrington.

Stacker Crane Inspections

The stacker crane in appearance looks like a conventional bridge crane except that in place of a hoist, a rotating ridged or telescoping mast is suspended from the bridge trolley with the mast equipped with a load handling device such as single or double forks or a grab.

Looking for something else?

If you need a kind of inspection not listed above, we are happy to discuss your needs!