About Jenn MacLeod

Owner and President, JT Sturm Corporation

Jennifer is an experienced and certified construction safety professional that has worked in the industry for nearly twenty years. She apprenticed under her father, Jay Sturm, a well-known safety expert and one the industry’s most knowledgeable and trusted experts.  Together, the two built a nationally recognized safety corporation, providing training and inspections across the entire United States, the Virgin Islands, Greenland, Africa, and the Dominican Republic.

Her company, JT Sturm Corporation, includes Cranes Aerial Truck Service (CATS), Cranes101, and Cranes101 Online. Each of these businesses have the reputation of being a pioneer in modernizing its services and creating relationships with customers that have lasted throughout the decades. 

CATS is a true third party inspection company, offering its services on-site and 24/7. CATS offers consulting services regarding new purchases and accident investigations as well. Cranes101’s presence is nationwide and offers safety courses built with the end-user in mind. By combining classroom and hands-on modules, and working with instructors that have real-world knowledge, the students are able to put the lessons into action during their training and get valuable feedback on the spot. By offering this same premium training online, Cranes101 Online delivers convenience to their customers that require the flexibility only online training can provide.

Throughout her career, Jennifer has worked with industry leaders in organizations such as OSHA, Local Union leaders, Safety Directors, and State Officials. Her ability to communicate the language of written safety standards and apply it to real-world situations has assisted in developing first-class training programs. “Jennifer MacLeod gets work done, in a reliable and timely manner. She is knowledgeable, focused, and tenacious. I heartily recommend Jenn and look forward to seeing her industry presence grow, as more people in the crane and rigging world realize how much Jenn has to offer.” – Debbie Dickinson, CEO of Crane Industry Services LLC

Jennifer brings a unique perspective to the industry she has dedicated her life to serving. Jennifer has developed a perseverance for introducing the vast opportunities this industry can offer to those who may not have considered a career in this field. She is most proud when she listens to those she has trained speak about the standards or operate machinery that they may never have considered running. She makes those feel welcome, and she is dedicated to expanding the inclusivity of the construction safety industry. Empowering people by expanding the inclusivity of the construction safety industry is the reason Jennifer has remained committed to her work. There is a lot to gain from involving different perspectives into the workforce, a lesson Jennifer learned from participating in different round table and safety committee meetings. Her ability to attend the ASME Crane Code Writing meetings with her voting member father and founder of the business, Jay Sturm, has allowed her to watch rules and regulations come to life through listening to an assortment of ideas from multiple viewpoints. That has been an invaluable and special experience that has helped to mold Jennifer’s leadership strategies.

While the start of her career was that of learning through mistakes and taking risks, Jennifer now has taken over the corporation built by her and her father and is using her years of experience to push the company into the future. She has built on her own knowledge to develop a company that is approachable and complementary to today’s fast-paced world. Throughout the past two decades, Jennifer has become no stranger to conflicts and struggles that present themselves when running a business. Her resilience pushed her through the many challenges she has had to face, and with her tenacious and tireless work ethic, she has succeeded in lifting her business up and inspiring her team to stay focused and strong through the obstacles. 

Jennifer is proud of the success and growth of her company. At the start, the company consisted of herself and her father working in the storage closet of their basement. Today, Jennifer employs a dedicated staff, performs training and inspections internationally, and has branded her business to be recognized by industry leaders. She is proud that most of the customers that started with her back in the early 2000’s are still using her company today. The loyalty of her customers is what drives her to constantly evaluate their customer experience and bring new innovations to the services she provides.

Jennifer has been featured in New England Construction, ISA Report, The Next Generation of Safety, and In The News. She has also received the “2018 Outstanding Women of Family Business” Award presented by the Family Business Association and The Warren Group editorial board. She is an active member of the Women Presidents Organization (WPO).